Poker Players Discover Similarities With Bingo

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Poker Players Discover Similarities With Bingo

Poker players have been enjoying a new game recently - one which is not normally associated with a skilful card game. Online bingo sites have been increasing in popularity over the last few years and one of the biggest sections of the gaming community that is turning to bingo is the poker set. There are many ways in which the games can be compared - in fact there is a lot to find in common between these two fun and exciting gaming choices.

There are many similarities between bingo and poker that may not be immediately obvious. Although poker is a skilful and difficult game to play, bingo also has its skilful elements. There is a large amount of concentration necessary for poker as we all know - lose sight of the hand at play in a serious poker game and you could lay down a monster hand - and the bigger the game, the more costly the mistake!

Bingo too needs a huge amount of concentration to play well. The numbers are called out quickly and each player often has numerous cards to keep a track of. This means each player may have ten different bingo cards each with different numbers on and need to scan the cards every time a number is called. Multi-tasking ability is a bingo player's friend!

In online poker, this multi-tasking ability is called into play if the player is playing multiple tables, which is often the way to play to win big in the online world. Poker players are increasingly turning to online bingo due to the alternative it gives them to the less mental challenge of poker. They can take a break from decision-making heavy competition in exchange for a lighter-hearted atmosphere.

Indeed, in bingo, there is still the possibility of winning a huge jackpot, but the seriousness is not present as it is in a poker game. Players in bingo enjoy the wins of their 'roomies' almost as much as their own wins and there is a strong community spirit that is very refreshing for the poker player keen to try something different in the gaming world.

Betting styles in poker and bingo are similar in some ways - bingo players can buy into lots of different games and play many different cards at once in the same way that poker players can play multiple tables, cash games and tournaments all at the same time, for varying entry costs and blinds.

Betting styles also depend on the variation of the chosen game. For example, a poker player can choose between Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Hi-Low, five card stud, seven card stud, casino versions such as three card poker and many more. Bingo players too can play 90 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and More Winner Bingo to name a few popular styles.

Of course bingo players are not restricted to bingo games at a bingo site, there are many slot games to choose from the side game selection. Cleopatra Slots s one of the most popular titles and can be found at nearly all bingo sites. Poker players can enjoy this game at online casinos too. Slot games add an extra bit of fun to a player's gaming experience and these can be played alongside the regular game for added winning opportunities and even more variety.

So with all these similarities, plus a great community spirit, it is no wonder poker players are turning to bingo for a new fun gaming experience - with plenty of winning opportunities!

To play for yourself, head over to where free online bingo began.

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