Would online poker be as popular without high speed internet?

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Would online poker be as popular without high speed internet?

There is no doubting the public enthusiasm for the different types of internet gambling - from sports betting to online poker - but it is harder to judge how big a role the quality of the internet connection available plays in this popularity. After all online poker and other forms of internet gaming began in the relative infancy of the web when the service available was often a lot slower than that which people can access nowadays. Arguably the massive growth in popularity has occurred in the last decade so is this popularity really down to the high speed internet?

Well for most casual online poker players it seems likely that the speed of the internet connection they can get is going to play a fairly big role in determining how often they play. After all online poker is played most often at online casino websites, many of which require downloads in order to be able to play, and if you do not have a high speed connection it is likely to be a torturous experience. Even when you are set up with the necessary software the actual gaming itself will also be negatively affected by low speed internet, and the resulting frustration would be liable to put all but the most enthusiastic of online poker players off playing very often.

That said online poker is by its nature a type of internet gambling which appeals more to serious players than casual ones because it is more of a game of knowledge and skill. Thus perhaps it would continue to attract such hardcore fans even with the problems that players will have if they do not have a high speed internet connection. Realistically it is hard to see the game being as popular as it is now without this because the experience is so much worse without it. Still online poker would still attract players without it.

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