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European Poker

Did you know that they have picked up poker in the old world? The American market for poker has boomed for many years now, and is now starting to be a more mature market. So for many Online Poker Rooms the focus is on the new boom segment: The European Poker players. This means that you should expect to meet more and more european players at the tables, and you should adjust your play when meeting players from certain european countries accordingly. Off cause you can find all sorts of poker players in all regions off Europe, but we think there are some tendencies, even though they shouldn't be taken very lightly. We can call it a kind of secondary indicator.

Lets start with the best kind to meet: The Irish poker players. They tend to call anything. They just wont lay down 45 - as long as they are suited! These people want to stay in the game, you are not going to bluff anybody out - so don't try. You can meet these players at Pokerplex and Irish Eyes Poker. We suggest that you player just after 11 pm Irish time when the pubs close.

The guys from UK are a lot like yourselves in style of play (or just as different). No common tendencies observed.

The Nordic poker players are very tight. Many of them are casino bonus sharks, who has now turned to poker. Their eyes are often focused at securing their bonus release, not at gambling. They also play many tournaments.

Poker players from the middle European countries are rare at the tables. Poker isn't that big yet in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc. The only exception is the arrogant players from France. The good news is that they are arrogant about their table appearance - not their play. They want to dominate the table verbally, explaining their smartness to everybody, but they are not that much into poker theory and how to play. You just don't get to tell them that :-)

The players in southern Europe who can afford to play online have to characteristics: They like to gamble and they like to push everybody around. It is more important to tell you who is in charge than it is to win your chips. This is very easy to take advantage off.

The eastern European poker players are the really dangerous ones. They like to gamble, but they are good to gamble in a constructive way. They are willing to take risks, when they spot a good deal. This way they get to survive longer against you than other maniac players, and watch out: They might ruin you. They are very unpredictable.

Now after this little tour de Europe, lets give you a little impression off whats going on in poker Europe. Perhaps you can try to win online entry to these tournaments and combine a European poker experience with a nice holiday in the old countries.

Major poker tournaments in Europe

  • Euro Finals of Poker (Aviation Club, Paris France)
  • Poker Million (Ladbroke Casino)
  • Irish Open (Merrion Square Club, Dublin Ireland)
  • Poker EM (Casino Austria, Baden)
  • Summer Tournament (WPT Event - ACF, Paris France)
  • Helsinki Freezeout (Casino Ray, Helskinki)
  • European Poker Classic (Grosvenor Victoria Casino, London England)
  • British Open (Grosvenor Victoria Casino, London England)
  • Grosvenor UK Open (Grosvenor Casino, Luton England)
  • Vienna Spring Festival (Concord Card Casino, Vienna Austria)
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