The new game in internet poker: Badugi

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The new game in internet poker: Badugi

Lately a new game, Badugi, is slowly gaining ground around the poker world. It can be played in some online poker rooms and can also be found in Bobby's room in Vegas where it is a new favorite among the top players such as Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu and David Benyamine.

The game has some similarities with lowball but is actually more intriguing and thus more fun to play. Basically it is a triple draw four card lowball poker game with betting after the initial deal and in the end of each draw. The best possible Badugi hand is A234 with no duplicate suits, a perfect Badugi. The objective is to have four cards as low as possible without the same suits or the same rank, aces are always counted as low.

The tricky part is that your hand can be a four, three, two or a one card Badugi hand. Every duplicate rank or duplicate suit makes your Badugi hand one card smaller, straights doesn't count. For instance lets say that you hold As 2h 3s 4d. Then your hand is "only" a three card Badugi hand with As 2h 4d since both the ace and the 3 are spades you cant use them both in the same hand. Lets take one more example, a hand containing four of a kind, for instance 2h 2c 2d 2s would be a one card Badugi hand since duplicate ranks aren't allowed. Now, any four card Badugi hand beats any three card hand which beats any two card hand which of course beats any one card Badugi hand. For instance a hand such as Kd Qs Jh Tc beats a hand consisting of Ac 2d 3s 4d because the latter is "only" a three card hand, this since two of the cards, the two and the four, is of the same suit.

Basic Badugi strategy states that the most important thing is to strive to get a four card hand. If you have two draws left you can strive to break up a four card hand if it contains one high card (T-K) but if the hand contains more than one high card you should only be drawing if you have all three draws left. You should only break up a four card Badugi hand when you have one draw left if you are certain that you are beat.

Now, since Badugi is a fairly new game only a few internet poker sites has it on their menus. The same goes for live as well online casino sites, which offers games like blackjack and slots, but as earlier told the game can be played in famous Bobby's room at Bellagio where it is played for stakes as high as $4000/$8000.

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