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Poker Strategy Articles

If you are looking for online poker articles to help you raise your poker game odds against other poker players, this might be a good place to start your search. Our associated writers are of very high quality, and most of them has been dedicated members in the poker community for years. Good luck out there, and hope you enjoy our poker articles.

Poker strategy

Texas hold'em online poker strategy guide I - for beginners

As a beginner you don't have much experience working for you at the poker table. Perhaps you have played a little five card draw poker with your family or friends, or perhaps you have just seen Matt Damon play the game in Rounders. Read article...

Texas hold'em online poker strategy guide II - for intermediate players

Do you have a suspicion that you could improve your game considerably by making some deviations from the PokerPistols beginners' algorithm? Read article...

Texas hold'em online poker STRATEGY GUIDE III - for advanced Players

When you play online poker on high limit tables, you should always consider the 8 issues mentioned in this article, preferably by every decision made. Read article...

Essential Poker Books

The transition of poker from live games to the Internet has revolutionised the game. Not only has explosive growth in Internet poker introduced millions of players around the world to the game, but online poker has also had a substantial impact on the way that poker is played. Read article...

Playing limit Texas Holdem

You've weighed your options and decided that limit texas hold em is the way for you to go. If all your poker knowledge comes from watching poker on television, you may not be too sure how to proceed. Televised poker tends to feature no limit Texas Holdem tournaments, the strategy for which is very different than for a limit hold'em cash game. Here is a couple of basic limit hold'em strategy concepts that will get you started. Read article...

Poker tournaments - rules and Strategy

During the last few years the discipline of tournament poker has grown very popular. The many televised tournaments have raised an interest in online poker in general and tournaments in particular. Television viewers around the globe have been amazed by the intensity and excitement onboard on the party poker million dollar cruise and all the other stops on the WPT. Read article...

Home Poker Tournaments

If you've seen a poker tournament on television, you know how much fun they can be. You may have decided that you would like to hold a poker tournament at home. Home poker tournaments are a great way to spend an evening and are relatively easy to set up. Here's what you need to know about home poker tournaments. Read article...

Play Poker For Free

You don't need to invest a lot of money in order to start playing poker on the Internet. There are several different ways to play for free and sometimes even make money doing it. Read article...

How to beat the online Poker Bots

According to many experts, the future of online poker is quite uncertain. No, it's not because of the UIGEA, or any petty artificial barrier, lawmakers of this or that or the other country try to build in the path of a mass-phenomenon. Read article...

How to beat poker bots II

Poker bots have been around ever since online poker first appeared, I suppose. The idea of creating a piece of software capable of beating human players, even by the smallest of margins, and then letting it play for you, without ever tilting, without ever getting tired and without ever getting bored, must've been a really attractive one, back in the days too. Read article...

Pot Limit Omaha - Advanced Poker Concepts

You may already be familiar with the basics of pot limit Omaha poker. You understand the blind structure and the fact that you must use exactly two hole cards with the board. You have become skilled at reading Omaha poker hands and understanding what you have and what you need to win. If you are ready for some more advanced Omaha ideas, read on. Read article...

Online poker strategy guide - Playing in shorthanded games

We have noticed that an increasing number of online poker games are now offered in a shorthanded version, allowing often a maximum of six players. Many of the pokerpistols strategy articles on playing online poker are oriented towards full - or almost full - 10 player tables. Read article...

Playing in Tight-Passive Games

One of the often-overlooked skills in Fixed Limit Texas Holdem is the knack for game selection; you either have it or you don't. The ability to find the most profitable game can be just as important as a good sense of when to bluff, or skill at reading opponents. Read article...

Tips for Stud Poker Games Online

Poker and the Internet are a perfect match, and if you play poker, you probably play at least some of your poker online, if not all of it. Most of the people playing poker games online are playing Texas Holdem, but there are plenty of stud players out there too. If you consider trying your hand at playing seven card stud online, here are a few tips to think about. Read article...

Top 3 Texas Holdem Tips

Texas Holdem poker is a pretty difficult game. Here are the top 3 tips to get you pointed in the right direction! Read article...

Adjusting to the Game Texture in a Seven Card Stud Poker game

There are a lot of factors to consider while playing in a seven card stud poker game. You will need to think about what up cards have been exposed and how it affects your hand. Read article...

Poker insights

Online poker strategy guide - Betting Patterns

Are there identifiable betting patterns you can spot in a poker game, and can you use this knowledge to gain an edge on the opposition as well as to improve your own game? Read article...

Bluffing In Online Poker - Should You Attempt It?

There are a number of reasons to bluff in poker. In many instances you bluff in order to win a specific pot because you sense weakness from the rest of the table. Read article...

How to bluff in poker tournaments

In modern times, poker is all about the tournament. Whether it's watching poker on television, playing online poker, or playing in a live casino, the poker tournament and its promises of fame and fortune reign supreme, not least when it comes to Texas hold'em. Read article...

Playing Small Suited Connectors in Fixed Limit Hold em

One hand type that may arise when you play Hold'em is the suited connector. A suited connector is a hand that contains two cards of the same suit that are consecutive, for example, 6h, 7h, or 4c, 5c. Read article...

Playing Kill Pots

A new phenomenon known as kill games has aroused. "A kill" is a general feature that you can add to any poker game in order to spice things a little up. The idea is that when the same player wins a pot twice in a row, the next pot becomes a kill pot. Read article...

Ante Stealing in Seven Card Stud

Seven card stud is a game with very different strategies from Texas hold'em. If you are most familiar with Texas hold'em, you may find yourself in some confusing waters when switching to seven card stud. Read article...

Calling big bets on river

The river is where fortunes are won and lost in Texas hold'em. If you can play the river, you stand a good chance to come out ahead over the course of your poker play. You might even make it far in the WSOP 2009. Read article...

Online poker strategy guide - Folding Part 1

In the past I've written about betting and raising, but neglected the most common action players take at any poker table. It's not glamorous. It's not memorable, but it is our basic bread and butter play, and we do it more often than we do anything else. We fold. Read article...

Online poker strategy guide - Folding Part 2

In the first instalment of this short, two part series, we examined poker's most common play: folding. This is the conclusion of this short series. Read article...

Online Poker Tells

There are some poker players, a steadily shrinking minority it must be said, who refuse to play online poker because they feel that they are conceding a previously held advantage, namely the ability to spot tells. Read article...

Playing raise devils

When you play poker online, you will sooner or later find yourself at a table where you are up against a raise devil, also known as a maniac in the poker literature. This guy bets and raises every time he gets a chance, regardless of his hole cards. Read article...

Online poker strategy guide - When less is more

Card sense is often thought to be a combination of intuition, common sense, and experience, and I suppose that's exactly what it is most of the time. But much about poker is also counterintuitive, and not everything is what it seems; or more precisely, not everything is as your intuition suggests it might be. Read article...

Poker economy

Poker Bankroll management

Poker is not all about skill and handling the cards. Solid money management is just as important, in online poker as well as in live games. Read article...

The Dealt Rake Method - Better for the Solid Player

The dealt rake method is one of the most popular ways to determine individual rake for purposes of rake back. Anyone interested in signing up for a new online poker site with a Rake back Program should have an understanding of what the dealt rake method is and how it works. Read article...

What is rake?

If you play online poker, it's a good idea for you to learn about rake back. Rake back is a promotion that can seriously improve your online poker bottom line. Even if you decide not to take advantage of rake back, it's important that you know what it is and how it works. Read article...

Making easy money playing poker

There are more ways to profit from online poker than taking down major cash prize tournaments. Tens of thousands of poker players around the world earn a regular income by playing small stakes cash games and tournaments, and do so by following some of the simple guidelines in the article. Read article...

Poker trackers & statistics tools

A game like poker, which is quite perilous, can be made easier by taking some effort into studying the statistics of the game. The study includes opponent's statistics of his wins, losses, etc. along with the players statistics and the amount deposited, pre-flop raise and several other factors. Read article...

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