What Is Rake?

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What Is Rake?

If you play online poker, it's a good idea for you to learn about rake or rakeback. Rakeback is a promotion that can seriously improve your online poker bottom line. Even if you decide not to take advantage of rakeback, it's important that you know what it is and how it works.

In most online casino games, the casino makes money through the House edge built into the game. They know that if you play long enough, you will lose and the casino will make money. This also goes for sports betting.

However, in online poker, players compete against other players. The House has no interest in who wins or loses. In poker, the House makes money through rake, a percentage of each pot that they keep for themselves. This is usually around five to 10 percent of the pot and almost never more than $4.00.

What Is Rakeback?

The problem for those trying to be winning poker players is that the rake tends to cut into their win rate. If you are good enough to win one big bet an hour in a $2/$4 hold'em game, but are paying 10 cents a hand in rake, it will be very difficult to come out ahead.

When you sign up with a new poker site through a rakeback site, you receive a portion of your rake at the end of the month. Such a setup makes it much easier for you come out ahead.

What's the Catch With Rakebrain.com?

There is no catch. Rakebrain.com offer you competitive Rakeback Offers. When you sign up with one of our online poker sites like Players Only you'll gain a big percentage of your rake back and we'll gained yet another satisfied customer.

Although you only sign up with the site once, you will continue to enjoy rakeback for as long as you play at that particular site. Whether it's Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt Poker or any other in RakeBrain's site assortment, makes little difference. And if you want to know exactly how much you are going to earn on your rake deal, RakeBrain.com has launched the Rakeback Calculator for estimation on daily, weekly or monthly Rakeback earnings.

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