Tips for Stud Poker Games Online

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Tips for Stud Poker Games Online

Poker games online - a perfect combination

Poker and the Internet are a perfect match, and if you play poker, you probably play at least some of your poker online, if not all of it. Most of the people playing poker games online are playing Texas Holdem, but there are plenty of stud players out there too. If you consider trying your hand at playing seven card stud online, here are a few tips to think about.

Play against Texas Holdem players

If you can, try to play against players who normally play Texas Holdem poker games online. Put a few players on your buddy list and see where they normally play. If they are spending a good amount of time at the Texas Holdem tables, chances are they only play stud as a diversion, and are not real students of the game. Strategy for seven card stud is vastly different from Texas Holdem strategy, so if you are a skilled stud player up against Texas Holdem players, you will have a huge advantage.

Focus on the game

Seven card stud is not a great game for multi tabling. This is because it is very important when you are in a hand to know which cards are "dead" or no longer in play. Seven card stud is a great game to play online because all the up cards are posted in a clear and orderly fashion and folded in sequence, so you can get a good opportunity to see and memorize the dead cards. If you are playing at more than one table, you may miss some of this key information.

Find the right site

You will actually probably have an advantage playing at sites that have fewer seven card stud tables, not more. If you are at a site that is 90 percent Texas Hold em and Omaha with just a few token seven card stud tables, you are more likely to be up against inexperienced stud players who are just killing time waiting to get into a community card game. If a site features as many seven card hi low tables as Texas Holdem tables, you are probably going to be up against some people whose main poker interest is in stud. Of course, a site with fewer stud tables may make it harder to get into a game, but this is not usually a big problem with most of the popular online sites, as turnover is frequent.

Poker games online reward real life knowledge

These tips will help you, but the best way to be a good online stud player is to be a good all around stud player. Learn the game, whether from books written by experts, experience at low limits, or talking to people who play the game well. Game knowledge is your best weapon against your seven card stud opposition.

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