Free poker trackers & statistics tools

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Free poker trackers & statistics tools

A game like poker, which is quite perilous, can be made easier by taking some effort into studying the statistics of the game. The study includes opponent's statistics of his wins, losses, etc. along with the players statistics and the amount deposited, pre-flop raise and several other factors. The statistics that you can get from certain statistics softwares are quite handy and user friendly and can help players in avoid taking risky decisions.

These tools are either simple excel files, which maintain records of accomplishment of the game and players moves or they are simple tools called trackers. These trackers are compatible with the email account of the players and they import hand histories into the player's database and ask for regular hand histories from the user. These tools provide any player with basic reports and also detailed reports. The tool also maintains the performance of the players. Some of the software's get updated hourly and some at the end of each session. Some offline tools also exist that maintains records on the private database and are updated manually by the user by inputting some data into them.

There are many statistics tools available, these tools should always be used while playing to get the best of result.

Free poker trackers

There exist a number of free poker trackers out there. They are not as extensive and rich in detail as their counterpart, but they can help you read statistics and provide other useful data to help you play poker.

Often can these free poker trackers be found in web-based form. They work with data that you manually input. The data can be wins/losses, previous played hands but also calculate odds to help you make the right decision.

Cardlovers - Poker Statistics

This is a very simple online platform in which you manually input your wins and losses. This way you can keep track of up- and downswings. As all poker players know bankroll management is one of the most important aspects in online poker.

Holdem Genius

Holdem Genius is available for download. The software has some impressive features like calculating Pot Odds, Hand odds and outs. The software integrates into your favorite poker skin so you instantly can get access to all the important tips and calculations. It's the perfect software to get started with if you are new to online poker. To get the free license you must sign-up and make a deposit on one of the affiliated poker rooms.

Commercial poker trackers


Pokeroffice is a poker tracking software like Pokertracker. This software has new added features, which makes it far more superior product than the Pokertracker software. Pokeroffice 2.0 is easier to use and its best feature is its ability to show you the mucked hands of the opponents. Unlike Pokertracker, you do not have to download, you do not have to manipulate or calculate the hand histories. Pokeroffice 2.0 is a little bit more user friendly than Pokertracker software.

The most interesting feature, which is added onto Pokeroffice, is its ability to track live games and give real statistics about the same. Thus, this way you can have full-on knowledge about your opponents gaming plan. It also provides auto rating of your opponent's play and guides you by letting you know the amount of threat your opponent may give you based on your particular move in the game. Thus, its expert advice is always advisable. The tracking done by these softwares helps you understand your opponent players. However, its best feature is its ability to track player moves. This way you are aware of the possibilities and will then be able to create the best bluff that will baffle your opponent in surrendering his or her hand.

To add to these, it has a hand re-player feature too. Pokeroffice has more graphs than Pokertracker, which provides real time statistics including statistics such as aggression. Filtering these graphs can reveal real statistics on everything, be it hand grouping or the players aggression. Use of this software deliberately increases your chances of winning.


PokerTracker is a software, which is used for poker tracking and statistics. When online poker games are played, these websites creates the hand histories and stores the information about the played records into a local database library. With the help of PokerTracker, we can import these hand histories and analyze them for our benefit. This software can be used as a tool to help you play better and improve your chances of winning in online poker games.


Sharkscope is a tool, which can be used to your advantage to get the actual statistics of other players when you are playing Sit and Go tournaments with other opponents. It provides you with an in depth analysis about the recent games, the average stake, the profit involved all in a graphical form. After each tournament is completed, Sharkscope updates its information for you immediately. Therefore, it acts as the most reliable source of player information. It helps you to identify the type of player you are playing against and providing you with its expert advice help you to strategically dealing in difficult games.

When you play S'n'G tournaments and if you have already seen your opponent for a few times, with the help of this software you can get the real statistics of the game. By clicking on the name of the player, the software will display you three graphs, which is the detailed analysis of the playing statistics of your opponent. These graphs when used properly can surely help you win the game.

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