How to beat the online Poker bots - part I

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How to beat the online Poker Bots - part I

According to many experts, the future of online poker is quite uncertain. No, it's not because of the UIGEA, or any petty artificial barrier, lawmakers of this or that or the other country try to build in the path of a mass-phenomenon. Such attempts are doomed to failure well before they're actually implemented. There's a far bigger threat looming on the horizon these days, and it's connected to online poker fraud and cheating.

Ever since online poker first hit cyberspace, attempts to build special poker-playing programs have been made, and some of them were successful too. I guess playing dirty over the internet is just as much part of the online poker phenomenon as the masses of rookies hitting the table each day are. The problem is, whenever you're playing at an online poker room, you can't actually know for sure who you're playing. Even though poker rooms have made progress in combating different forms of fraud attempt ( they use DLL injection to track programs running on the same computer the client's running on, and special software which follows betting patters to detect collusion or bots running on a third-party server) botters have always managed to stay one step ahead of the action.

A properly programmed poker bot running on a laptop attached to the PC via special cables, is impossible or very difficult to detect. This means, you can never really tell whether it's a bot beating you methodically hand after hand, or whether it's a human player. The problem with these bots is, that they are by no means easy to set up. When you purchase the software, it comes equipped with some poker "knowhow" but you still need to spend countless hours programming it, in order to eventually turn it into a winner. Using an improperly programmed bot just won't pay, as it'll end up losing more money than it wins.

Even if you manage to program it and get it running, reasonable poker players sticking to basic strategy can still beat it. Poker bots do not make their money off reasonable poker players. The vast majority of the current-generation bots are unable to tackle a human player who knows what he's doing. Poker bots make their money off the same people these aforementioned reasonable poker players make their money off of: the fish, people who have no idea what they're doing at the table. Only bots do it more efficiently than humans ever could.

To top it all off, - when using a bot - you always run the risk of being detected and having all your accounts blocked, banned and your money confiscated. Then there's the morality issue: when botting, you're actually scamming innocent people, and cheating them out of their money, while they believe they're in a fair game. Bottom line is: as long as you know your game, you exert self control and you stick to the correct principles, you don't have to be afraid of bots.

You do have to be afraid of something else though: colluding bots. Collusion is something that - even in the hands of a bunch of rookies - has the potential to beat a great poker player. When bots use it, it becomes lethal. That's right, the next thing in online poker botting is bots collusion.

When there are 2-3 bots at the table you play at, and they're colluding, there's nothing you could possible throw at them to beat them. The only thing you can hope for, is that poker rooms will be increasingly capable of detecting collusion based on betting patterns in the future. That's about the only vulnerable point collusion has: it leaves a telltale trail of betting pattern behind. As long as poker rooms remain on their toes and manage to provide a tad more security to their players than they are currently providing, online poker is in no immediate danger. If the botters have it their way eventually though, heaven knows what will become of our favorite game.

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