Adjusting to the poker Game Texture in a Seven Card Stud Poker game

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Adjusting to the Game Texture in a Seven Card Stud Poker game

There are a lot of factors to consider while playing in a seven card stud poker game. You will need to think about what up cards have been exposed and how it affects your hand. You need to think about whether you should attempt to steal blinds, what starting hands are good enough to play and which ones are good enough to continue with on later streets. You will also have to consider the poker game's texture.

The texture of a poker game

The game's texture refers to the type of players you are facing. Each player will play slightly differently, but the overall character of the table may lead you to feel it is particularly loose or particularly tight. You will want to be able to adjust your game based on this assessment. If you are playing in a particularly loose seven card stud game, you may want to open up your starting hand requirements slightly if you normally play a very tight game. Since your loose opponents will probably be frequently playing even worse hands than the worst hands you will be willing to play, and since you will hopefully be better able than they to get away from your hand after the flop if you do not catch a very strong fourth street card, it may be profitable to mix it up with them more often.

Allow opponents to make mistakes

Allow opponents to make mistakes When you do come in, especially if you have a strong hand, you should be less interested in betting strongly to thin the field. Again, in a poker, if you are a skilled player, your opponents are more likely than you are to make mistakes on fourth street, which will lead to bigger mistakes on fifth and later streets. While sometimes this will allow them to catch up, more often it will allow them to make very expensive mistakes in your favor.
If you find yourself in a very tight poker game, you should try to steal blinds more frequently than you would in a normal game. You should be much more inclined to raise with an ace showing, although if you do this every time even tight opponents will catch on. If an opponent bets into you or raises you, you should not continue unless you have an extremely strong hand or draw, as your opponent will almost certainly have a very big hand in this situation.
How much you should adjust your poker game will depend on how strongly you perceive the game to be biased in a certain direction. Adjusting your game can give you the added edge you need to make a real profit in your seven card stud games. Observe your opponents and let that guide how you attack the table.

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