Essential Online Poker Books

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Essential Online Poker Books

The transition of poker from live games to the Internet has revolutionised the game. Not only has explosive growth in Internet poker introduced millions of players around the world to the game, but online poker has also had a substantial impact on the way that poker is played.

Whilst the basic principles of sound poker technique, outlined in classics like Doyle Brunson's Super/System, are still a great starting point for poker players who wish to improve their games, the Internet era requires that players need to look further afield if they wish to master the online domain.

This means that players out to learn from the best, need to source documents and online poker books written by poker players with proven credentials in online poker. These players not only understand how the online environment can influence a poker game, but also know how to use this environment to their advantage.

Here is a selection of the most acclaimed online poker books:

Internet Texas Hold 'em - Matthew Hilger

Matthew Hilger might not be a world famous name, however, he has three cashes in World Series of Poker main events to his name, and is also a successful professional online cash game player. Hilger's Internet Texas Hold 'em is the best-selling guide to online poker on the planet, and an excellent starting point for poker players beginning their online poker careers from scratch. The book provides excellent coverage of the fundamentals of poker, before teaching players how to prosper in the online environment.

Online Ace - Scott Fischer

Poker young gun Scott Fischer brings considerable poker expertise to bear in his Online Ace, a guide to online poker. Fischer's credentials are impeccable, as he has not only won two WSOP bracelets, but is also one of a handful of poker writers to have learned and perfected his game during the Internet age. Online Ace has several strengths, including Fischer's uncomplicated manner of explaining poker concepts and strategies. His book also provides a welcome focus on sit n' go tournaments, a popular and lucrative tournament format that is often ignored by writers focusing on cash games and scheduled tournaments.

Winning at Internet Poker for Dummies - Mark Harlan

There's nothing dumb about checking out Mark Harlan's contribution to the famous 'for Dummies' series. The book is an essential guide to online poker for individuals who are both new to the game of poker and playing online for the first time. Rather than focusing on poker strategy, Winning at Internet Poker for Dummies provides a step-by-step guide to finding a quality online site, opening an account. and understanding the layout, rules and processes of an online poker game. The game also provides a useful guide to poker etiquette and online slang, as well as some basic strategy tips.

Zen and the Art of Poker - Larry Phillips

Zen and the Art of Poker was not written specifically for online poker, however, it is an invaluable guide to developing the psychological qualities needed to handle the bumps along the road to online poker greatness. With online games suffering a surplus of trolls and maniacs, and therefore offering numerous opportunities to go on a tilt, Zen and the Art of Poker's can help players to develop the perspective, self-control and focus needed to survive and prosper in online poker.

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