How To Make Easy Money Playing Poker

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How To Make Easy Money Playing Poker

There are more ways to profit from online poker than taking down major cash prize tournaments. Tens of thousands of poker players around the world earn a regular income by playing small stakes cash games and tournaments, and do so by following some of these simple guidelines:

Find A Good Table

Not all poker tables are equal. In fact there can be great variance in poker tables in terms of the looseness of play and the skill levels of players at the table. Most online poker rooms provide information on trends at specific tables, with information on average pot size, players involved in each hand and hands per hour.

Ideally you want to join a table where play is loose as this will give you greater opportunities to capitalize on the mistakes of your opponents and take down bigger pots when you do win hands. Finding a good table with high hands/hour rates is also worthwhile as it's easier to stick to playing a tight game when hands are played rapidly.

Choose the Right Time

Choosing a good time to play can be a key part of making money from playing poker. Because poker involves stronger players taking money from weaker players, you'll want to insure that your opponents are at their weakest, and this can be done by choosing the right time to sit down at digital poker tables.

The best times to play poker are in the early hours of the morning when opponents are starting to lose their concentration or are logging on after nights out on the town. Naturally not all active players will be tired or drunk, but even a few at a table can provide excellent opportunities for you to cash in on their mistakes.

Use the Best Poker Tools

Online poker exposes you to masses of unseen opponents and encourages you to play hundreds of hands in a gaming session. With this in mind its worth ensuring you have some of the best poker tools at your disposal to keep track of what is going on, including hand trackers, player analyzers and equity and range calculators.

Hand trackers like PockerTracker are essential tools as they assist you in keeping track of the flow of your own game, helping you to detect problem areas. Player analyzers like GameTime+ gather information on your opponents and then present this to you as statistical information that can be very useful in detecting irregularities in their patterns of play.

Finally, a collection of the best poker tools will always include equity and range calculators that can help you stay in touch with the odds of your hand winning in any given situation. Poker calculators like PokerStove also provide information on pot odds, ensuring that you make the right plays at the right time.

Analyze Opponents

Having the ability to analyze opponents is critical to making easy money when playing poker. You need to know which players to go after as well as gathering enough information about opponents to be able to detect when they are displaying unusual patterns of betting behaviour.

Most online poker rooms provide players with facilities to make notes on their opponents. Taking detailed notes on your opponents' play forces you to pay greater attention to their playing style and personalities, and will also allow you to identify these characteristics at future online meetings.

Playing Strategy

There is no 'perfect playing strategy', and finding your optimal strategy will be a matter of trial and error. However, if you're a beginner, then a tight aggressive approach is generally regarded as a good starting point.

This approach involves playing a combination of good speculative hands, like suited connectors and low pocket pairs, and the traditional premium hands like pocket aces, and betting aggressively when involved in a hand.

Tight play also means that you should resist getting involved in each hand in the hopes of hitting unbeatable hands on the board. While this does happen sometimes, the odds are against you long term, and you should attempt to stay out of the action unless you have a reasonable chance of creating a winning hand pre-flop.

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