The Dealt Rake Method - Better for the Solid Player

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The Dealt Rake Method - Better for the Solid Player

The dealt rake method is one of the most popular ways to determine individual rake for purposes of rakeback. Anyone interested in signing up for a new online poker site with a Rakeback Program should have an understanding of what the dealt rake method is and how it works.

What the Dealt Rake Method Is

The dealt rake method is a way of determining individual rake for purposes of figuring out rakeback. The rakeback site cannot credit the entire amount raked from each hand to a rakeback player since other players contributed to that raked pot. The dealt rake method helps figure out exactly how much credit the player should get. Visit a Rakeback FAQ to see what room uses which rake method.

How the Dealt Rake Method Works

In the dealt rake method, everyone dealt into the hand shares equal credit for the rake. It makes no difference if they play the hand all

It doesn't matter who wins the pot. As long as they received a hand, they have paid rake. If there are ten players dealt in, each player earns credit for ten percent of the total amount raked from the pot. If five players are dealt in, each player paid 20 percent of the rake.

Benefits to the Dealt Rake Method

If you are a tight, selective player, you will definitely favor a dealt rake method over a contributed rake method. Rake credits players according to the direct contribution to each pot.

The rake penalizes players when they win a pot. They win less than they should normally expect to win based on the odds. Good players create winning situations by investing a little to win a lot, giving them better odds. These players should not receive a penalty for playing fewer hands, and the dealt rake method does not penalize them.

Players who like to play many hands may opt for a contributed rake method instead. This should result in more rakeback, which will help them overcome their bigger investment in the hands.

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