Poker Bankroll Management

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Poker Bankroll Management

Poker is not all about skill and handling the cards. Solid money management is just as important, in online poker as well as in live games. If you don't know how to keep your bankroll in order you will find it very difficult to be a poker winner over time. For example, lots of talented poker players fail to treat their winnings as operating capital and spend it in other ways.

9 valuable tips for poker money management

  • As mentioned above, you should treat your poker winnings as operating capital. When you have made a decent profit at one level, you should either pocket the winnings or start playing at a higher level.
  • Always play at appropriate limits. If you play at limits that are too high you will be very vulnerable to bad streaks (and as you probably know, bad streaks are unavoidable in poker).
  • If you lose big at one level you should step down and start re-building your bankroll. Otherwise you run the risk of going bankrupt if luck doesn't change.
  • Naturally, you will need a larger bankroll if you're going to play in no-limit games.
  • Table selection is very important. Look for good tables, with high view flop percentages, and so on. When you find a good table, you should keep playing there, even if you're unlucky for a while.
  • Don't let bad beats affect your game. If you lose your temper you will make bad decisions, and that will normally prove very costly.
  • If you go on tilt you have to stop playing right away. Don't start making crazy plays in order to win back money you've lost.
  • You have to be well prepared when you play poker. You should avoid playing when you're drunk or tired. Only play when you're in good shape and feel up to it.
  • Keep track of your game and try to identify leaks. A gambling log book where you note your wins and losses will be very helpful in this aspect. Many poker players are not aware of how their game is actually going financially.

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