Top 3 Texas Hold'em Tips

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Top 3 Texas hold'em Tips

Texas hold'em poker is a pretty difficult game. Here are the top 3 tips to get you pointed in the right direction!

Play Tight Starting Hands

One of the things that can drastically improve almost any Texas hold'em player's game is tightening up before the flop. Many times, especially as any player's experience level rises, they start thinking they can beat the game with any two cards, and start playing every hand before the flop. This is really bad to do and you will bleed away most of your stack.

When playing poker online, it is essential to only play the top ranked starting hands, no matter how good you think you are. When you play a poor starting hand, you are already behind from the beginning.

Pay Attention To The Action

So many new players don't pay attention to the action when playing in poker games. They just wait for their turn to make their move. In almost every game, there is so much information about the other players playing that can be gained from just watching their actions and watching their bet sizes. If you are ignoring this, you are passing up on a great opportunity to improve your online poker games.

Play Within Your Bankroll

Always play within your bankroll. This is not only important so you don't bust out, it is important so you can make smart decisions. If you know that if you loose the next hand, you won't be able to buy groceries, your judgment will be impaired and you will make poor decisions. Only play with money you can lose and make smart bankroll decisions.

If you follow the above tips, you are well on your way to becoming a winning Texas Hold'em player.

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