Online Poker Beginners Guide

Become a online poker champion fast and easy while having fun!

Do you want to learn to play poker?
An increasing number of people are playing online poker. A lot of users has requested a poker beginners guide so here it is. It would be a shame to say that a majority of the players found at online poker tables are true poker experts. Some online poker rooms are harder to play in than others. If you want to play in a room, which is not currently reviewed just let us now, and we will review and rate the poker room for you as soon as possible.

You should take your time to learn the basic rules of poker. On this site you can find the normal rules for games as texas hold’em, stud poker an many other types of poker games. When playing internet poker it is also a good idea to check the specific rules found on the poker site, where you want to play. It seems that in online poker games a unnecessary high number of poker hands are lost because a player are unaware of the rules. To be a poker star you must know the rules!

To get a feel for the game you could start by playing a free online poker game in one of the many poker rooms that offers you to play poker for free. But remember, you will never learn to play real poker online with play money, since the style of play is very different when nothing is at stake. Fun poker is mostly for fun. We suggest that you start with holdem poker, since this is the game that you can play all over the internet. Then you will always be able to find somebody who wants to play your game.

We hope that you can find a lot of usefull poker tips in our strategy guide, which you should read before starting your online career of poker gambling.
Poker hand rankings
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Poker FAQ
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Poker Glosary
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