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Top 10 poker rooms

1 Titan Poker $25 instant review
2 US players accepted Pokerstars review
3 US players accepted PDC Poker review
4 US players accepted Ultimate Bet Poker review
5 US players accepted Absolute Poker review
6 Party Poker review
7 Poker Room review
8 US players accepted Full Tilt Poker review
9 US players accepted Bodog Poker review
10 US players accepted RedKings review
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Best online poker rooms

Best online poker  roomsFind a list of the best online poker rooms described with ratings, max bonus in dollars and %, min deposit and short description.
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Poker beginners guide

Poker beginner guideIf you are new to poker, this is the place to start learning the game.
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Poker terminology

Poker TerminologyFind all the expressions and terms used in poker here.
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Free online poker odds Calculator

Poker odds calculatorAn online poker odds calculator is a very helpful poker tool when playing online poker or just learning the odds.
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Poker hand rankings - free to use

Poker hand rankingsThe free poker hand rankings are basics in all poker game types. The player holding five cards of the highest value wins the pot.
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Poker on TV

Poker on TVWhich TV channels shows the best Poker on TV - find it here in our poker TV guide with all the major poker tournaments - e.g. World Poker Tour with Mike sexton, Vince Van Patten and Shana Hiatt.
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Free online poker guide

PokerPistols is a free online poker guide that over the years has grown into becomming a simple and trustful poker guide for our valued clients. PokerPistols covers both well written strategy articles about the poker game, lots of free tools to use when playing online poker and exclusive deposit bonus deals with most of the major poker rooms. All this to give you the driver seat when playing your favourite card games online.

Exclusive poker bonus campaign: Free poker money

Free poker are at the moment running a campaign to help you get more free cash after depositing money at an online poker room.

Titan Poker +$25 instant

Free Titan Poker
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 US players accepted PDC Poker

Free PDC Poker
 Bonus: 100% 150%
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Poker blogWe are looking for poker enthusiasts that can write their poker stories at our forum. If this is you, please write to the team, and we can setup a forum/blog just for you. Contact info can be found here

Why you should use - Free Poker Money!

When first starting to play online poker, a lot of new poker players cut their teeth playing with play money. It is a risk free way to learn Texas Holdem poker and have some fun. But, after a while, these same players have little trouble beating the free online poker games, and want to raise the stakes. They want to see if their skills match up against real money poker players. read more...

Online poker room in focus - Party Poker

Poker Room Review Party Poker is the largest poker room on and off line. It offers a wide variety of games 24 hours a day. The reason for the size and growth of party poker is their massive poker tour promotions. Many beginners start out at party poker, after seeing their sponsored shows on the travel. Therefore there is always a beginner who doesn't even now the rules online - you just have to find them. It is on this site you can qualify to the famous party poker million dollar cruise in the carrabin, as shown on TV. read full review...

The Poker Edge: - Online poker: a stepping stone to the real thing

It's a game full of twists and turns, tells and bluffs, but to a beginner, the jargon and rules associated with poker can all blur into one. Once mastered, poker is not only a fascinating game to play with friends or pit your wits against strangers, but if you're good enough, it can be a great money spinner too. read more...

Hot theme: - Poker slots

A gambling machine, earlier called the one-arm bandits, constitutes a major portion of a Casino's income and is known as a slot machine. It comes in various forms and varieties and is very efficient and unpredictable according to different online poker room. Slot machines were earlier based on levers. Many machines still have levers instead of buttons. read more...

About poker

Poker has the distinction of being one of the oldest card games around - known from the old western movies where our heroes played the roulette at the local saloon. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for an online casino for playing video poker or roulette or a poker room where you can learn the texas holdem rules. The best UK online casinos can be found searching the internet. Since then poker has grown fast and some of the best US poker sites are available in Las Vegas USA where a lot of professional poker tournaments are hosted.

Guaranteed poker tournaments

Best guaranteed freeroll tournaments This is a list of most major online poker tournaments organized by online poker rooms. Search by filling out relevant search criteria in the scroll down bars below. When you have found the poker tournament you want to play you can find out what PokerPistols' professional poker players think about the poker room arranging that poker tournament by visiting our much appreciated poker room reviews section. We also recommend that you read our poker tournament strategy article before playing.
Looking for a real-time schedule of all Poker Tournaments online?

Article in focus - Would online poker be as popular without high speed internet?

There is no doubting the public enthusiasm for the different types of internet gambling - from sports betting to online poker - but it is harder to judge how big a role the quality of the internet connection available plays in this popularity. After all online poker and other forms of internet gaming began in the relative infancy of the web when the service available was often a lot slower than that which people can access nowadays read more...

Newest poker strategy article - Poker trackers & statistics tools

A game like poker, which is quite perilous, can be made easier by taking some effort into studying the statistics of the game. The study includes opponent's statistics of his wins, losses, etc. along with the players statistics and the amount deposited, pre-flop raise and several other factors. The statistics that you can get from certain statistics softwares are quite handy and user friendly and can help players in avoid taking risky decisions. read more...

Newest World Of Poker(WOP) news - Different Styles of Online Poker

There is no doubt that poker is becoming even more popular online game every single day. In the modern world people have an opportunity to play it not only at casinos but also over the Internet, at online casinos which offer different variations of poker game 24 hours 7 days a week. read more...

Poker strategy article in focus - Top 3 Texas Holdem Tips

Texas Holdem poker is a pretty difficult game. Here are the top 3 tips to get you pointed in the right direction! read more...

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